2067 SIGNATURES!!!!!! We really are doing GREAT! We still need more so keep this going, if we all use our contacts and family members wisely if we all pool together and get everyone we know to sign this, we will reach our goal. Pass it on again, ask your friends and family as so many… Read More

I am so excited to tell CBS our story and get the word out about this coalition. I’ll be getting up at 3:45am to film at 5:00am. The early show on CBS your local station, tomorrow morning from 5:00am to 7:00am, we should be on the last hour. So wish us luck and WATCH us… Read More

One thing I haven’t heard any of us from flight 1348 or anyone else countering is the absurd claim from anyone speaking on behalf of American Airlines that “it was the weather.” Of course it was the weather that caused the diversion to Austin. No one has ever taken issue with that. But, and pardon… Read More

http://www.travelweekly.com/articles.aspx?articleid=54702 Grassroots group argues for airline passenger bill of rights (01/23/2007) By Andrew Compart A group of air travelers, complaining they were stranded on an American Airlines aircraft on the tarmac in Austin, Texas, for nearly nine hours Dec. 29 with overflowing toilets and almost no food, said they are forming a coalition to push… Read More

WyreNut said…This is a copy of a posting I made over at flyertalk.com — WyreNutMy experience that horrible day:Left Fresno at 7:30am (PST), and the ride got really bumpy entering Texas. “Well folks, this is the Captain. We’ve been diverted to Austin due to the weather”… Oh no.Landed at Austin, and lined up next to… Read More

Runway-bound: A holiday flight becomes ugly Tuesday, January 09, 2007By Scott McCartney, The Wall Street Journal After hours of sitting on the runway, the toilets on the American Airlines jet were overflowing. There was no water to be found and no food except for a box of pretzel bags. A pregnant woman sat crying; an… Read More