United Airlines’ Dangerous Cost-Shifting Scheme Why Consumers Will Pay Substantially More for Air Travel When Travel Agents are Forced to Pay Airline Credit Card Costs Contact: Kate Hanni 707-337-0328Stay Tuned for Public Press Release BACKGROUND United Airlines (UA) has told many travel agents and signaled its competitors that it will introduce on July 20, 2009… Read More

Passengers aboard US Airways Flight #1576 received hotel, taxi and food vouchers thanks to passengers David Anderson and Peter Pimino, who had the presence of mind to use cell phones to call FlyersRights.org at 1-877-FLYERS-6 (1-877- 359-3776). Flight #1576 was beset by mechanical troubles immediately upon boarding. Passengers were initially held on the tarmac for… Read More

June 16, 2009 Itineraries By SUSAN STELLIN The latest government statistics show that the airlines had a 79percent on-time record in April, an improvement over the more typical75 percent rate. What those figures do not reveal, though, is that just two-thirds ofthe flights that take off or land in the United States are counted,making the… Read More

“Closed-DoorMeetings of Washington Special Interests and ‘Voluntary’ Inside FixesWon’t Cut It This Time,” Says Hanni WASHINGTON (June 10) – The nation’s largest consumer grouprepresenting airline passengers today demanded “immediate,comprehensive and enforceable legislation” to protect the 160 millionpassengers of the nation’s regional airlines. The demand came in the wake of shocking revelations at a three-dayNational Transportation… Read More

Napa, CA – June 4, 2009: Delta flight 510 from Turks and Caicos boundfor Atlanta on April 10th, 2009 started out like any other flight forvacationing tourists who had spent a week in the sunny Caribbeanparadise. The passengers, spring breakers, families, and retirees weretired and a little depressed that their vacations were over, but theyhad… Read More