The largest Travel Insurance companies like Elvia/Mondial, Unigarant, Achmea, Europeesche have all publicly announced they WILL pay costs incurred like hotel/meals/communications while being stuck. The funny thing is that the large Touroperators (big insurance sellers) and the Airlines (even bigger insurance sellers see; ) don’t mention it. In the KLM/Monidal press release KLM did… Read More April 20, 2010 Honorable Ray LaHoodSecretary of TransportationU.S. Department of Transportation1200 New Jersey Avenue, S.E.Washington, D.C. 20590 Re: Docket No. DOT-OST-2007-0022 Comments on Carriers’ Temporary Exemption Requests from DOT’s Tarmac Delay Rules for JFK, EWR, LGA and PHL Operations— No Waiver of “3-Hour Rule” When Airlines Overschedule Flights Dear Mr. Secretary: on April… Read More

Club 33: The most influential people in the travel industry (11/20/2007) 1 >> 2 Travel Weekly’s list of the 33 most influential people in travel is not populated by folks with fancy titles who pull the right strings and make the industry behave as it should.It’s not about that sort of influence.It’s filled with people… Read More