Click here to contribute to! Houston, We Had a Web Problem As so many of you know, we had a fatal problem with the Flyers Rights Education Fund links in yesterday’s mailing. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and regret that the internet gremlins picked yesterdays message to attack us. The links are… Read More

Changing Tone of TSA FlyersRights Helps with EU Claim What Kate’s Saying Correction Profiling Gone Wrong By now, many of you have seen the story of Shoshana Hebshi, a Jewish-Arab American, who was taken off a flight at Detroit’s Metro Airport on 9/11. The link is her blog post about the incident, and most news… Read More

Spirit Airlines, continuously the yardstick of how little an airline cares about their passengers, has, once again, astonished us. Just as it seemed all extra fee ideas had been exhausted, Spirit goes beyond. Effective November 1, Spirit is going to charge five bucks to print a boarding pass at the airport. The throng of Spirit… Read More

FAA Bill Must Pass Ten Years After 9/11, TSA Doubts Remain Spirit Charges to Print Boarding Pass Beware Multi-Airline Trips Readers Comment on Boarding Plan Invitation to Activism FAA Bill Must Pass After years of fence-straddling, Congress is still unmoved on the FAA Air TransportationModernization and Safety Improvement Act, popularly known as the FAA Reauthorization… Read More

EPIC Continues TSA Pressure Our friends and allies at the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) have upped the ante in their ongoing legal battle with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). I was in the EPIC office last January with three FlyersRights volunteers when theorganization filed suit against the TSA, challenging the constitutionality of TSA’s full… Read More

Ten Years After 9/11, TSA Doubts Remain A decade after this century’s “Day of Infamy,” FlyersRights still questions our government’s efforts to provide real air travel security. Like all other Americans, we at want our travel to be safe. However, we demand that security measures imposed upon us be effective, safe, constitutional, and consistently-applied.… Read More

EPIC Pressures TSA Boarding Plan-What Do You Think? FlyersRights’ Craigslist Victim Ticket Terms and Conditions EPIC Pressures TSA Our friends and allies at the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) have upped the ante in their ongoing legal battlewith the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). FlyersRights founder and Executive Director Kate Hanni and three FlyersRights volunteers were… Read More