BAG HUMBUG!!    AIRLINES PLAY SCROOGE WITH FEES  COALITION FOR AIRLINE PASSENGERS DEMANDS DOT MANDATE TRUE FEE TRANSPARENCY IN NEW CONSUMER RULE! NAPA, Calif., Nov. 26, 2012  –  This holiday season the carriers have a gift for you; a myriad of hidden fees waiting for you upon arrival at the airport.  These fees are in addition… Read More

Airline Passengers Rights—What is needed now By Paul Hudson, Executive Director, Aviation Consumer Action Project (ACAP) & Kate Hanni, Director, (aka Coalition for an Airline Passengers Bill of Rights (CAPBOR)) 6/6/12 Stranding & Flight Delays For many decades by far the largest number of consumer complaints to the DOT has involved flight delays. Starting… Read More

Hurricanes: Your Rights on Cancelled Flights There’s a good chance that if you were traveling last week, your plans were thrown into chaos.  More than 20,000 flights were canceled due to Hurricane Sandy, and it could take weeks before air travel is back to normal.   Yet just a tiny percentage of those displaced passengers… Read More