FlyersRights To Airlines:  Stop Fueling Around January 27, 2015 Despite oil prices lower than at any time since the spring of 2009, will the  airlines ever lower fares?  Very unlikely, say experts, since the airlines simply don’t have to, as they’re filling more than 85% of their seats at current prices. An Exercise In Fueltity If you’ve… Read More

All Mine Passengers’ Personal Data At Risk January 20, 2015 Remember a few years after 9/11 when the airlines started requiring you to use your full name as it appears on a government issued ID, date of birth and gender when you buy a plane ticket? That’s so the TSA can check you against the… Read More

DOT 04-15 Thursday, January 15, 2015 Contact:  Caitlin Harvey Tel.:  (202) 366-4570 U.S. Department of Transportation Fines Southwest $1.6 Million for Violating Tarmac Delay Rule Largest Civil Penalty Assessed Against a Carrier for Violating Tarmac Delay Rules WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) today announced that Southwest Airlines violated federal rules involving lengthy… Read More

    Full House               January 13, 2015 Thin is in, when it comes to airline seating. As we know, the airlines think the benefit of sardining more passengers on a plane outweigh its costs (i.e., extra meals, additional staff, and more complaints over less legroom). For some airlines, this… Read More

Passengers Suffer as Airlines Ramp Up Outsourcing January 6, 2015 Increasingly, airline workers at US airports aren’t employees of the carriers they represent.  A photo of the United Express bagroom this week. Behind the scenes as to why passengers may not be getting their bags on time. (The Denver Post | 12/31/14) Never was this… Read More