News Alert:, the pre-eminent airline passenger rights organization in the world, is appalled about yesterday’s nine hour tarmac delay at DFW airport. We are aware that the Department of Transportation, who promulgated a rule ostensibly to protect the flying public from extremely long tarmac delays, left a loophole that is now harming consumers who… Read More

Airline Passenger Compensation Rights on International Flights.pdf var docstoc_docid=’173537159′; var docstoc_title=’Airline Passenger Compensation Rights on International Flights.pdf’; var docstoc_urltitle=’Airline Passenger Compensation Rights on International Flights.pdf’;… Read More

  Strike One!     FlyersRights Takes Aim At Legacy Carriers February 24, 2015 It was a big week for FlyersRights!    (Mark Shaver / For the LATimes) Last Wednesday we filed a petition with the Department of Transportation demanding a cap on fees that the airlines charge for changing a flight. As many of you… Read More

Masters of DeSkies February 17, 2015 Who’s your airline employee working for?   The trend among the airlines is to outsource as much as possible to third-party vendors, from the pilots and flight attendants at the regional jets, to the baggage handlers and ramp agents.  Soon, ‘virtual airlines‘ may be the norm, where the airlines will be mere… Read More  Media Advisory WHAT:  Media Briefing on Petitions to Reduce Airfares and End Airline exemptions from consumer protection & antitrust laws. WHO:, with legal experts on aviation consumer law and rights Including Paul Hudson, President of and Member, FAA Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee WHEN:  February 18, 2015 9:30 – 10:30 AM WHERE:  218 D Street SE, 2nd Floor, Washington, DC 20003… Read More

   TheGame February 10, 2015 FlyersRights received a reply last week from the major airlines, via their trade group, Airlines For America (A4A), as to why ticket prices haven’t come down with the price of oil.  (AP Photo/Ric Francis) An A4A spokesperson refuted our concerns and relied on a slipery game of slight of hand and distraction from the… Read More

Race To The Bottom February 3, 2015 The fight for passengers has now moved to the cabin interior.  luggage tags mean big dollar signs to the airlines (Image: RunwayGirlNetwork) This is what a 10-abreast 777 cattle car looks like.  One of the world’s biggest selling models, the 777 was designed for nine seats per row,… Read More