Igniting A Debate March 24, 2015 Last week, KLM flight attendants put out a fire in an overhead compartment ’caused by a lithium-ion battery in passenger’s hand luggage’ on flight from Amsterdam to Bangkok. Mobile phones, laptops and tablet computers are powered by lithium batteries.  A KLM spokesperson said the incident occurred when the Boeing 777 carrying 321… Read More

TSA Gone Wild March 17, 2015 Finally, other media outlets have followed FlyersRights’ lead and raised the alarm on TSA’s new PreCheck data-mining program.  Stick em up. A wall poster at Eugene Airport in Oregon directs passengers at the TSA screening area to raise up their arms, form an O with their hands and stay that way for 3… Read More

Let’s Make A Deal March 10, 2015 It’s open season on the Open Skies talks in Washington.  Emirates Airlines is now putting together a team from its legal, strategic and financial departments to hit back at allegations from US airlines that it used unfair business methods to become one of the leading forces in global… Read More

UnFree America March 3, 2015 What could possibly go wrong on a 30 minute flight? Everything. In a throwback to the bad old days pre-2007, passengers were stranded for nine hours aboard an American Airlines flight grounded at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport last Friday. Yet, according to the airline, the nine-hour delay did not violate the Department… Read More