Website    News    Legislation    Help! I’m Stranded    Media    Contact The Blame Game April 28, 2015 There was a time we had a genuine government. But after the Supreme Court decided money is speech, the airlines have been ‘speaking’ to Congressmen in their favorite language: cash in their re-election campaings. Our government used to have regulations against those things.  But then lobbyists lured their way into… Read More

Website    News    Legislation    Help! I’m Stranded    Media    Contact Wag The Dog April 21, 2015 Usually when we talk about ‘too close for comfort’ we’re talking about economy-class.  Rep. Bill Shuster, Chair of the Transportation Committee and Shelley Rubino, VP for Global Government “Affairs” disclosed their relationship last week. This time it’s about lobbyists and politicans. Last week, Congressman Bill Shuster (R-PA),… Read More

Website    News    Legislation    Help! I’m Stranded    Media    Contact DONATE TODAY! Fear in the Cockpit The tragic plane crash in Taipei was the result of mechanical and psychological failures. Human errors in the cockpit have been the focus of media attention over the past few weeks. An interesing article by Nautilus last week discussed the human errors in the airline community lately and speculated… Read More

Website    News    Legislation    Help! I’m Stranded    Media    Contact How Will The Germanwings Disaster Affect Budget Travel? April 7, 2015 Budget airlines have a reputation for pushing for the lowest pilot pay and the most arduous working conditions to keep a cap on costs. Of course consumers want cheap airfare, and… Read More

Question Of Trust March 31, 2015 French Red Cross members pay tribute to the victims in front of a stone slab erected as a monument, near the site of the crash near Le Vernet on March 28. The crash of Germanwings Flight into an Alpine mountain, killing all 150 people aboard, has raised questions about… Read More