Website    News    Legislation    Help! I’m Stranded    Media    Contact Airlines Tell DOT: Fees Leave Us Alone Why We Regulate June 30, 2015 Nothing to see here, folks, said the airline industry at last week’s Advisory Committee for Consumer Protection at the Department of Transportation.  No changes needed to safeguard passengers from fees. Let’s move on. Paul Hudson, president of Flyersrights, speaking… Read More

Website    News    Legislation    Help! I’m Stranded    Media    Contact All For One & All For US Legally-sanctioned price collusion June 23, 2015 FlyersRights often receives letters criticizing us for our ”Naderite” newsletters on the airline industry. A 2007 photo of the sticker Kate Hanni wore at the  “Strand In” on the National Mall. See more pics here. They don’t believe that… Read More

Website    News    Legislation    Help! I’m Stranded    Media    Contact TSA Gets An F FAILING AT EVERY LEVEL: A Security Blanket Full of Holes The TSA’s pre-screening process is under scrutiny. And for good reason. We wait in long lines, in crowded security checkpoints, shuffle along in our socks, remove our belts (what does the TSA have against belts anyway?)  and ordered around like jailhouse… Read More

Website    News    Legislation    Help! I’m Stranded    Media    Contact Turn On The Lights FlyersRights Urges DOT To Stop Keeping Passengers In The Dark & Clearly Define Their Rights Tuesday, June 9, 2015 The airline counter agent’s worst nightmare is announcing, “your flight has been canceled” or “your luggage will not arrive until tomorrow” to a planeload of Flyersrights members. But the average passenger does… Read More

Website    News    Legislation    Help! I’m Stranded    Media    Contact History Lesson Tuesday, June 2, 2015 Brace yourself and take a trip down memory lane to summertimes gone by, when afternoon thunderstorms frequently caused passengers on hundreds of flights to be stranded on planes that had pulled away from the gate but then remained… Read More