Website    News    Legislation    Help! I’m Stranded    Media    Contact Would You Let The Airlines “Fix” Air Travel? February 24, 2016 “SFO to JFK from $99!” “Paris from $215!” Just kidding. However, US Representative Curbelo (R-Fla.) introduced an amendment recently to H.R. 4441, the Aviation Innovation, Reform, and Reauthorization Act of 2016 aimed at bringing back bait-and-switch airfares.  Current federal law requires airlines to state the… Read More

Website    News    Legislation    Help! I’m Stranded    Media    Contact How To Survive Flying February 17, 2016 Nearly everyone is a little nervous when the airliner we are flying in charges down the runway or comes in for a less than perfect landing or has turbulence,  but statistics tell us that the… Read More

Website    News    Legislation    Help! I’m Stranded    Media    Contact It’s All About Authority Will Passengers Win The Fight In A New FAA Reauthorization Bill? February 10, 2016 Every few years, Congress is supposed to authorize legislation to set FAA funding levels and policy priorities (known as “reauthorization”).  And that time is now. The FAA Reauthorization bill is set to be marked up by the House… Read More

Website    News    Legislation    Help! I’m Stranded    Media    Contact Pie In The Sky February 3, 2016  How do we fix the airlines? We asked. You answered. Here’s a partial list of suggestions: Let’s make a statement to the airlines, just to get their attention, and pick a day or week when we’ll agree not to fly anywhere. After 15 minutes, an… Read More