Website    News    Legislation    Help! I’m Stranded    Media    Contact All You Can  ̶E̶a̶t̶  Read  August 24, 2016 Game Over: US Government Sides With Gulf Airlines In Open Skies US airlines were handed a defeat as the government ended up siding with Gulf carriers in the Open Skies battle. You may remember way back to last January the warfare between American, Delta, United and… Read More

Website    News    Legislation    Help! I’m Stranded    Media    Contact PRESS RELEASE  CONGRESS FAILS AIRLINE PASSENGERS, NEW STUDY FINDS (Washington D.C.) – August, 17, 2016 –, the largest US based airline passenger group, released today a full Airline Passenger Report Card for all 535 members of Congress.   “The very low scores will come as no surprise to the millions of American… Read More

Website    News    Legislation    Help! I’m Stranded    Media    Contact Does Not Compute August 10, 2016 Chronic, widespread computer shutdowns have caused many thousands of airline delays and cancellations, which have delayed passengers from many hours to several days. The flying masses have the time and the inclination to wonder: Is this fair? That is the sentiment following the latest fiasco with… Read More

The Newsletter couldn’t miss a chance to take advantage of the Brexit-devalued Pound Sterling, so it”ll be touring the UK until mid-August, and experiencing several flights as a refresher of passenger rights abuses, Albeit, nothing like in the US. Until then, we’ll be bringing you some Timeless Greatest Hits from older editions. Stay tuned… A Job Well Done… Read More