Flyers Rights has released the testimony of Jason Powell,  a high school teacher and passenger, along with several of his students, on the United Airlines flight where a fellow passenger, David Dao, was beaten and dragged off in view of those students; and Nicole Harper, an ER nurse and passenger on a separate United flight, who… Read More

Flyer’s Rights Press Release & Written Testimony 5-17-17   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 17, 2017 Contact: Paul Hudson, 800-662-1859, Flyers Rights Releases Testimony from Passengers Involved in Recent Airline Incidents Washington DC, May 16, 2017–Tomorrow, the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee will be holding a hearing titled “The Need to Reform FAA and Air Traffic… Read More

It’s hard to imagine any other service industry being run like the airline business, but then there is no other business like the airline business. Following the recent passenger abuse incidents, FlyersRights presented a list of “essential air travel reforms” to the U.S. Congress and Department of Transportation last Thursday. Paul Hudson, President and longtime Public… Read More

The Not So Silent Treatment   May 10, 2017   Another week, another airline outrage. The Monday night melee has been a long time coming. No-frills Spirit was already infamous for its cancellations and delays, even before its labor dispute with pilots. It was inevitable that frustrated customers would act out.   Spirit had the… Read More

Telling It Like It Isn’t May 3, 2017   Click for full C-SPAN video United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz testifies Tuesday before the House Transportation Committee on Capitol Hill. He was among several executives from many airlines who appeared at the hearing Billed as an information gathering hearing on what can be done to protect… Read More