Flyers Rights v FAA OPINION 7-28-2017     The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals granted Flyers Rights and airline passengers a victory, ruling that the FAA had no reasonable basis to refuse to institute rulemaking over ever-shrinking seat sizes. The FAA relied on studies that were either irrelevant, outdated, or not included in the record… Read More

New health concerns – and cancer link – over toxic cabin air breathed by 3.5 billion passengers each year  July 27, 2017   In June 2017, a study was published in the World Health Organization journal Public Health Panorama – the first of its kind to look in-depth at the health of aircrew exposed to contaminated air… Read More

Air and Space Magazine Interview with Paul Hudson   Paul Hudson, President of Flyers Rights, sat down with Diane Tedeschi of The Smithsonian’s Air and Space Magazine. Paul Hudson discusses the Airline Passenger Bill of Rights, the Dr. Dao/United incident, airline consolidation and antitrust immunity, the poor ratings of domestic carriers, and much more. To… Read More

You booked your ticket. Business Insider You ponied up extra to have that extra millimeter of legroom.   You think you may even enjoy the journey.   But something gives you an unpleasant feeling. The plane could be overbooked, and you might get ‘reaccommodated’.   Uh-oh, and you’re flying United!   Then, five days before… Read More

Your boarding pass and driver’s license could be replaced by your biometric data in the not-too-distant future. Instead of handing your boarding pass and ID to a TSA agent, you could be placing two fingerprints on a scanner to be recognized. JetBlue is testing facial-recognition check-in for a few flights in June, and Delta Air Lines plans… Read More

ATC Privatization Dead For Now Last Thursday the Senate rejected President Trump’s push to spin-off air traffic control from the  Federal Aviation Administration.   Trump had  signed off with great hoopla a plan to separate air traffic control into a nonprofit private corporation.   Surrounded by several former secretaries of transportation at a White House ceremony in June,… Read More