As we look back with pride on our successes, and look forward to another year of challenges, we gratefully reflect on the fact that we are an organization supported entirely through the generosity of our members. Again we must ask you, our loyal membership, to continue your generous support in 2019. The fight is far from… Read More

Boarding Changes Reward Higher-Paying Travelers In attempt to ease rush for luggage space, carriers are charging passengers more to get on the plane sooner Alison Sider Dec. 21, 2018 5:30 a.m. ET WALL STREET JOURNAL Airlines are changing boarding procedures as the fight among passengers for overhead storage space intensifies.… Read More

We get plenty of questions, but one we recently received deserves a wider audience: What things are most likely to trip up a passenger in a contract of carriage? All airline contracts of carriage are contracts of adhesion, involving no bargaining power by the consumer. Read more about adhesion here. You agree to the airline’s… Read More