Summer interns Hotline workers needed! Our Hotline Director is looking to retire after14 years with FlyersRights   We need, in the short term, to relieve his workload – possibly with interns or volunteers. We can pay stipends for interns or could pay a ‘per-passenger-helped’ rate for an experienced helpline worker. Please email: for more info.… Read More

FEDERAL APPEAL COURT DENIES FLYERS RIGHTS PETITION TO REQUIRE DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION MANDATE NOTICES TO PASSENGERS FOR DELAY COMPENSATION RIGHTS -Green lights continued airline deceptions and no notice policies For more information, contact, Paul Hudson, President of, 800-662-1859, Washington, DC – May 20, 2020 The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of… Read More

How we help in 3 ways: 1- Tips and infomation to get reunds 2- Gathering horror stories to publicize and get Congress and DOT to act. 3-Referral to class action attorneys and court actions to get refunds through judicial relief.   Send us your HORROR STORIES on trying to get REFUNDS!   .… Read More

  The bottom line for many airlines is simple:  Do whatever possible to generate revenue and conserve cash now –  and worry about the consequences later. We were alerted to this new airline COVID scam involving phantom flights by Tamara Thiessen with Forbes. It appears that some airlines are using customers as “piggy banks” and… Read More

How will airlines build back confidence to get people onboard? The industry will look very different going forward. Masks – It used to be if you flew to Asia you might see passengers wearing masks. That’s because people became more gemaphobic due to SARS that impacted that region. Now, and years into the future, you are… Read More