Kate will be testifying and representing the hundreds of thousands of people who’ve been stranded on tarmacs, had missing or damaged luggage, flight delays that weren’t reported, frequent flyer miles swallowed up by the airlines, abandoned by airlines completely in the wrong airport, and all of the proposed items on our Airline Bill of Rights April 11th, 2007; but Kate needs your help. The Senators show up if people show up and Cameras show up if people show up, so PEOPLE>>>>>SHOW UP IF YOU CAN POSSIBLY DO SO. This is our moment in the sun. Our time to speak out. Let your voice be heard by sheer numbers and volumes of you showing up and showing your support in DC. 100 People is what we need for a Home RUN. LETS make it a Grand Slam and go for 200…that way we will have people flowing into the halls and that brings the media out in droves. With 15000 people in our Coalition now, surely we can get 200 to the Hearings!!!