FlyersRights’ Air Travel Social Distancing and Stimulus Plan   Summary and Key Facts   FlyersRights Social Distancing and Stimulus Plan   Summary Requires social distancing by limiting passenger load capacity to 50% or 65% The federal government purchases 15%-30% of tickets to keep seats unoccupied In return, the federal government receives a percentage of… Read More

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Flyers Rights Publishes Covid-19 Air Travel Mitigation Policy Memorandum, Applauds the Administration’s First Steps   For more information contact Paul Hudson 800-662-1859 ext.0 or Andrew Appelbaum 800-662-1859 ext.1   Washington, DC-February 4, 2021- Flyers Rights released its Covid-19 Mitigation Policy Memorandum, advising the White House, Department of Transportation, and… Read More

New U.S. transit mask rules ordered by Biden take effect   From David Shepardson’s article:   “Advocacy group Monday urged the Biden administration to go farther and mandate the use of N95, KN95 or surgical masks on airplanes as well as “stricter social distancing guidelines, temperature checks (and) rapid testing.””… Read More

1. ABC 20/20: Falling From the Sky (November 27, 2020)   2. 60 Minutes Australia (May 26, 2019) 3. CNBC (December 8, 2020) 4. DW Documentary (Movember 1, 2020) 5. ABC News (December 28, 2020)… Read More

On December 3, 2020 challenged the FAA’s ungrounding decision in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.   Flyers Rights Education Fund v. FAA , D.C. Cir 20-1486   (To view our FOIA Litigation, please visit this page.)   January 6, 2020 FAA’s Reply Brief Due   December 23, 2020 Emergency Motion… Read More

No Vax, No Fly Year End Review   Who would’ve thought airlines would be the biggest cheerleaders for the new COVID vaccine?   Yes, the aviation industry is pushing hardest for anything that will bring back customers and restore trust in flying.   Qantas got the ball rolling last month when its CEO declared airlines across the… Read More