Each January we hold hope for a good new year…  

But in 2017, we saw things go colossally wrong, from United Airlines dragging off a passenger, to price-gouging during natural disaster Hurricane Harvey, to a new low in Coach Class  – ‘Basic Economy’, aka Last Class.

The CEO of American Airlines boasted recently, “We’ll never lose money again” primarily because the consumer pays for everything now.

FlyersRights’ Perspective-

How do they get away with this skyway robbery? By collaborating with each other to prevent US flyers from having any real choice.

Dear “Big Three” airline execs, have you sat in your new ‘densified’ Boeing 777s or 757s? Have you

When Flyers Speak Up
In May 2017, American Airlines announced their intention to shrink the seat space in their Economy Class of their Boeing 737 MAX aircraft by two inches. This was a significant decrease in what already is a tight seat. The airline had planned to crowd some rows thereby reducing the pitch to 29 inches.
The airline changed course after unfavorable publicity and complaints from flight attendants who worried about dealing with cramped and hostile passengers.

ever squeezed into a slimline seat? Can you comprehend the level of discomfort this contraption is capable of causing by offering less room and less value for the money?

 upgrading to Premium Economy or Comfort Plus cannot save you from the uncomfortable and claustrophobic slimlines.

Was the “created space” missing from your slimline, too

Dear “Low-Cost-Carrier” execs. Does panic grip your soul as you stare into the whirling hypno list of fees on your website?

Is it intentional that when the debacle du Jour hits and there is no plan B? Almost no assistance provided, no accommodations, and if a flight is cancelled, no other seats are available for days at a time? Just little details that leisure flyers don’t think about until they get stuck.

Flying, which was once a fairly good experience, now amounts to being tormented, squeezed and extorted every step of the way.

Paying fees seem to be one area where money doesn’t buy happiness. Make a reservation? Do it online or pay extra. Check a bag? The fees are so pricey that most passengers turn themselves into Sherpas, carrying-all in their carry-ons, which is another fee opportunity – charging for stuff brought onboard.

Then there’s the “ticket change” fee. If something comes up, forcing you to change a flight, you’re hit with a service fee of $200. Plus, you pay the difference in price if your new flight costs more (which it will be).

This rebooking “service” is done by computer, costing nothing. Also, notice that airlines routinely cancel or delay flights, forcing passengers into inconvenient and disruptive travel changes – yet they don’t pay passengers $200.

When the flight attendants at the entrance say, “Welcome Aboard”, are you just messing with our heads?

Passengers deserve better.

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