Paul Hudson
Kendall Creighton


– EU Undecided About Ungrounding Boeing 737 MAX
– Conducting independent safety tests


Washington, DC – September 27, 2019


After an unprecedented presentation by EASA head Patrick Ky to the European Parliament expressing skepticism of Boeing/FAA safety standards and pledging a tougher stance on ungrounding the deadly Boeing 737 MAX, FlyersRights.org
reached out and was granted an exclusive interview.

The complete questions and responses, plus EASA’s presentation to the EU Parliament of September 3rd are available at www.FlyersRights.org.

Major highlights include:

Re: MAX instability if computer flight control is disabled: “Boeing has to demonstrate compliance of the 737 MAX airframe with (airworthiness requirements)… and using acceptable safety analysis methodology.”

Re: Use of pilots to deal with safety design defects: ” Pilot training requirements are not meant to compensate for non-acceptable design on the compliance and safety standpoint.”

Re: Boeing “self-certification” as allowed by FAA: No Comment or opinion.

Re: Boeing’s proposed software-only changes with no hardware changes, no extra pilot
simulator training, no aircraft re-design is adequate: No comment or opinion.

Re: Whether simulators for older 737 models or new MAX simulators will be required: No
decision made but leaning toward old.

Re: Status of EASA testing: “EASA has set requirements for flight and simulator evaluation
with 70 test points to be evaluated, covering both normal and abnormal operations. The
simulator evaluation(s) were performed in June and July. Among the next milestones are
flight tests to performed by EASA on a modified 737 MAX that will last a full week.”


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