Kobe Bryant and his group traveled on a helicopter that did not have a warning device installed. This warning device most likely could have saved 7 lives in this helicopter crash in Southern California. Similarly, six tourists died on the Island of Kauai a few weeks ago. Several deadly helicopter crashes had made headlines… Read More

Re-post following the Kobe Bryant tragedy. In 2018 we called on the FAA to step up and regulate helicopters after delaying for two years to study the issue. Safety features are avoided by loopholes in regulations, including structural elements, impact-resistant seating, and systems to prevent fuel from igniting on impact. Bryant’s helicopter was a Sikorsky… Read More

An expert study that was never made public found that Boeing bore significant responsibility for a deadly 737 crash in 2009. The New York Times reviewed evidence that revealed strong parallels with recent 737 Max crashes. In the 2009 crash and in more recent crashes that killed 346 people, an automated command was triggered by… Read More

History doesn’t repeat, but it does rhyme. Curtiss-Wright was a huge airframe, engine and propeller manufacturer. that made a PILE of money from WW II. After the war, they had about a hundred million dollars in cash in the bank that they didn’t know what to do with. The engineering management of the company was… Read More

  While five security sources – three Americans, one European and one Canadian – initial assessment is that UIA flight PS752 suffered a technical malfunction and had not been brought down by a missile, it hasn’t stopped many from speculating on what else could have caused the older model Boeing 737-800 NG to fall from… Read More