Kobe Bryant and his group traveled on a helicopter that did not have a warning device installed. This warning device most likely could have saved 7 lives in this helicopter crash in Southern California. Similarly, six tourists died on the Island of Kauai a few weeks ago. Several deadly helicopter crashes had made headlines… Read More

Re-post following the Kobe Bryant tragedy. In 2018 we called on the FAA to step up and regulate helicopters after delaying for two years to study the issue. Safety features are avoided by loopholes in regulations, including structural elements, impact-resistant seating, and systems to prevent fuel from igniting on impact. Bryant’s helicopter was a Sikorsky… Read More

Two aviation crashes outside the U.S. made headlines this week. Lion Air crash An almost-new Boeing 737 Max 8 operated by Indonesian low-cost carrier Lion Air crashed shortly after departing from Jakarta International Airport on Oct. 29. Lion Air had operated the aircraft only since August of this year. The 737 carrying 189 passengers and crew went… Read More