Is economy travel just for the little people? News broke last week that American Airlines CEO Doug Parker still hasn’t sat in Economy Class on his newest and tightest aircraft, the Boeing 737MAX. Admittedly, nobody “wants” to fly economy, but shouldn’t the managers of an airline know what it’s like? Also newsworthy was that AA is… Read More

Why are new jet engines generally becoming more unreliable? Is routine maintenance being governed by the airlines’ accounting departments? Sen. Chuck Schumer said last week that the fatal accident on Southwest reveals a steep, troublesome drop in federal enforcement actions over aviation maintenance. As the recent 60 Minutes segment on Allegiant Air reported, the FAA in general has reduced its emphasis on… Read More

Not only is 29-inch pitch becoming the new normal in economy cabins, seat makers are now claiming they can make a 27-inch pitch feel as “comfortable” as a 29-inch one. See where this is going? This week, seat manufacturers showboated their latest in sardine accommodations at the Aircraft Interiors Expo. And, running circles around the rest was a… Read More