FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Flyers Rights Publishes Covid-19 Air Travel Mitigation Policy Memorandum, Applauds the Administration’s First Steps   For more information contact Paul Hudson 800-662-1859 ext.0 or Andrew Appelbaum 800-662-1859 ext.1   Washington, DC-February 4, 2021- Flyers Rights released its Covid-19 Mitigation Policy Memorandum, advising the White House, Department of Transportation, and… Read More

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FlyersRights, Aviation Experts Cast Doubt on Safety of Boeing 737 MAX Ungrounding, Ask Court to Order Disclosure of Key Documents and Tests For more information, contact, Paul Hudson, President of, 800-662-1859,  or Joseph Sandler of Sandler Reiff Lamb Rosenstein and Birkenstock, Attorney for at 202-479-1111,  Washington, D.C.- November… Read More

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE    DOT REFUSES AIR TRAVEL MASK MANDATE AS PRESIDENT TRUMP TRAVELS TO WALTER REED    DOT denied the need for Flyers Rights’ rulemaking on the grounds that “most” airlines currently voluntarily adopt various forms of a mask rule and the notion that less regulation is better    For more information, contact, Paul Hudson,… Read More

PRESS RELEASE FlyersRights Denounces DOT’s Coronavirus Guidance as Too Little, Too Late   After taking over three months to respond to the coronavirus, DOT doubles down on its laissez-faire approach.    For more information, contact, Paul Hudson, President of, 800-662-1859,   Washington, DC, July 9, 2020- The Department of Transportation invited and… Read More

FEDERAL APPEAL COURT DENIES FLYERS RIGHTS PETITION TO REQUIRE DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION MANDATE NOTICES TO PASSENGERS FOR DELAY COMPENSATION RIGHTS -Green lights continued airline deceptions and no notice policies For more information, contact, Paul Hudson, President of, 800-662-1859, Washington, DC – May 20, 2020 The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of… Read More

MEDIA ALERT Washington, DC- 1/21/2020 4:00 pm Boeing stock will continue to be under great pressure due to serious safety problems with the 737 MAX, the 777X, the 787, and even older 737 jetliners, predicts Paul Hudson, President of the largest airliner passenger organization and long time member of the FAA Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee… Read More

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: FLYERSRIGHTS SUES FAA FOR REFUSAL TO RELEASE BOEING 737 MAX RECORDS Supported by a Team of Aviation Professionals Arguing for Transparency and Independent Analysis Before Any Decision to Unground the MAX is Made For more information, contact, Paul Hudson, President of, 800-662-1859, Washington, DC – December 19, 2019, the… Read More

– FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE –   Contact: Paul Hudson 800-662-1859 -or- Kendall Creighton 850-341-5624   FLYERSRIGHTS SCORES EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH EUROPEAN AVIATION SAFETY AGENCY (EASA)  – EU Undecided About Ungrounding Boeing 737 MAX – Conducting independent safety tests   Washington, DC – September 27, 2019   After an unprecedented presentation by EASA head Patrick Ky… Read More’s Opening Brief in the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit challenging DOT’s refusal to prohibit unreasonable change fees. When Congress deregulated domestic air travel prices and routes, it explicitly preserved DOT’s authority and duty to ensure that prices and fees on international travel remain reasonable. According to DOT’s own admission, it has… Read More

The Implications For Boeing’s President Paul Hudson, interviewed by  Corporate Crime Reporter  last week, assessed the threats Boeing is facing after the two deadly crashes within five months by its popular 737 MAX jets. Over the past 10 years in the United States, there have been 90 million commercial airline flights and only a handful of fatalities.… Read More