About three quarters of passengers don’t bother complaining when things go wrong with their flight because they think it’s a waste of time, according to a survey published last month.

A research paper published by customer-care company Clarabridge says flyers have little faith in airlines’ complaint procedures. Almost three out of four of the 2,500 people surveyed said they did not bother complaining in the first place.

One third said their complaints were ignored, and those who did receive a response, 31 percent believed the airlines were not listening to them.

And when travelers do complain, they nearly always direct their complaint to the airline and stop there instead of following up with the Department of Transportation.

Rights for international flyers

When flying abroad, your rights are governed in 118 countries under the Montreal Convention – and it’s definitely worth complaining about things like lost or destroyed luggage and cancelled or delayed flights because there are specific compensation protocols in place.
The compensation system is complicated and involves finding a middle ground across a number of currencies. But we’ve translated compensation limits for a couple of common scenarios:
  • Delays and flight cancellations: provides for damages of up to $5,500 per passenger.
  • Damage and destruction to baggage: airline liability is generally limited to $1,380 per passenger

Remember, it’s worth making a complaint about an airline. In addition, always opt out of full-body scanners and file a complaint at tsa.gov.

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This month’s travel-related information tips and suggestions for our readers and members:

A new bill, introduced by Senator John Thune (R-SD), will allow government authorities to scan faces, fingers, and eyes at not only airport security checkpoints, but also baggage drop-offs and boarding areas. More importantly, it enables the authorities to scan travelers on domestic flights:  https://findbiometrics.com/senate-committee-expand-biometric-airport-screening-410052/
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