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When FlyersRights was founded a decade ago, it was a small, quasi privately funded organization.  Nobody could imagine the dimension and importance to the flying public FlyersRights has achieved these past 10 years, requiring more than a full time commitment.

If every reader signed up for a reoccurring donation of  $10 per month – or we recommend  2% of air travel budget – our overhead expenses could be covered for a year and the fundraiser could be over in a day.

Larger contributions are welcome too of course.

It’s the nature of an organization reporting on passenger rights and incidents that it does not attract much advertisement – yet advertising inquiries are welcome any time.

In order to maintain our operation, w e need to raise sufficient funds to be able to cover the cost for dedicated server hosting , communication and information research for the next year.

If FlyersRights is useful to you, please contribute via PayPal or check. For a check, use the address shown below. For contributions via credit card (without PayPal Account) or PayPal, click below, select the amount of your contribution, consider the recurrent option if you want to make your selected amount a monthly contribution, and either login into your PayPal account or “continue” without an account, if you want to use a credit card without a PayPal Account.

Thank you for keeping FlyersRights running. And t hanks greatly to all those who already contribute on a recurrent schedule.

Expense categories:

  • The cost of office.
  • Legal staff.
  • Outside counsel.
  • Web site creation and maintenance.
  • Toll free hotline, with staff.
  • Travel expenses.
  • To achieve FlyersRights’ court victory in the seat case required 2.5 years of legal work, by a legal team of 7 lawyers and experts, 1000 hours of legal time. Plus printing and court costs. Amounting to tens of thousands of dollars even with much donated and reduced cost services.

Without our  efforts, the airlines -with FAA consent- will no doubt continue t o shrink seats and legroom. The most Congress is considering is legislation a sking the FAA to “study” the situation.

The FAA and DOT are now focused on repealing regulations and have issued none in 2017. The Dept. of Justice closed its investigation of airlines colluding and coordinating to restrict flights -with no action.

The DOT secretly closed its investigation on United Airlines’ violent removal of Dr. Dao  in three weeks , taking no action, even though it found 3-5 violations of DOT bumping rules.

Therefore unless  Flyersrights  is funded to a much higher level, airline passengers can expect more of the same.


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Your Letters!

Dear FlyersRights:

AmericanAirlines –
Thank you for decreasing your seat sizes on your new aircrafts to fit more, ever growing, large butts into one plane. There is nothing more thoughtful to the customer experience than having a large, hairy, mentally undeveloped man with a radiating body temp high enough to bake a turkey, so close to you that you start sharing sweat with a complete stranger. The cherry on top was keeping the temp in the cabin above 85. Ya, thanks for that added help. Thanks for caring about violating my personal space. There is nothing that I love more than painfully contorting myself into a unnatural position for 3 hours, while feeling arm hair pressed against me and sharing thigh sweat. Thanks for the complimentary Bloody Mary in an effort to ease my discomfort. However, I felt like I needed a complimentary gallon of bleach to scrub myself down with when I got home, along with counseling for PTSD. Thanks for equipping your aircrafts with entertainment screens to distract you from the fact that your passengers are now required to become contortionist, sweating, stranger cuddlers. You should probably include that in your pre-flight, pre-recorded, weird as hell, safety briefings. On that note, it would probably be beneficial if those great entertainment screens actually worked. Ya, that would be nice. In closing, you’ve clearly put a lot of thought and effort into your customer experience and are less focused on the bottom line. Wow. Kudos to you. As we’ve all heard before….”We know you have a choice in travel and we appreciate you choosing to fly with us today”. Here’s my response to that statement…

I choose to NOT be just a number. I choose to NOT be dehumanized. I choose to NOT be tortured. I’ve never felt so trapped and violated in my entire life.  Get your shit together American Airlines.
I ain’t doing that again

(Posted on FlyersRights’ Facebook page)
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