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FlyersRights was was a tiny organization when founded a decade ago. Nobody could imagine the dimension and importance to the traveling public it would become over the past 10 years – requiring a full-time commitment of many volunteers.


If every reader signed up for a reoccurring donation of  $10 per month our overhead expenses could be covered for a year and the fundraiser could be over in a day.


Larger contributions are welcome too, of course.


It’s the nature of an organization reporting on passenger rights and incidents that it does not attract much advertisement – yet advertising inquiries are welcome any time.

In order to maintain our operation, we need to raise sufficient funds to be able to cover the cost for dedicated server hosting, communication and information research for the next year.

If FlyersRights is useful to you, please contribute! We recommend 2% of air travel budget.


Thank you for keeping FlyersRights running. And thanks greatly to all those who have already contributed!


Expense categories:

  • The cost of office
  • Legal staff
  • Outside counsel
  • Web site creation and maintenance
  • Toll free hotline, with staff
  • Travel expenses


To achieve FlyersRights’ court victory in the seat case required 2.5 years of legal work, by a legal team of seven lawyers and experts, thousands of hours of legal time, plus printing and court costs. All amounting to tens of thousands of dollars even with much donated and reduced cost services.


Without our efforts, the airlines with FAA consent will no doubt continue to shrink seats and legroom. The most Congress is considering is legislation asking the FAA to “study” the situation.


The FAA and DOT are now focused on repealing regulations – and have issued none in 2017. The Department of Justice has closed its investigation of airlines colluding and coordinating to restrict flights – without taking any action.


The DOT secretly closed its investigation on United Airlines’ violent removal of Dr. Dao in three weeks – without taking any action – even though it found 3-5 violations of DOT bumping rules.


Therefore, unless  Flyersrights  is funded to a much higher level, airline passengers can expect more of the same.


The Flying Perks as a Member of Congress…


Of course they aren’t subject to the same flying rules that they inflict upon the public.

Congresspeople have free parking at DC airports, a dedicated call desk with the major airlines and can reserve seats on multiple flights, but only pay for flight boarded …

Let’s expose this!

Help us fight for passenger rights!

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