Tip Of The Week

Dear FlyersRights:


Boy did I get a surprise flying United Express this week!


I recently returned from a business trip to Detroit. Because of snow in Detroit my first two flights were cancelled. I appreciated that I was automatically rebooked on United Express, and I understood that my seat assignment might not be as good as on the first flight.


However, imagine my surprise when the check-in kiosk in Newark Airport printed out my boarding pass which stated in bold letters, at the bottom “No Carry-On.” United Express charges $25 per bag! And my laptop and small overnight bag combined are smaller than the bulky roll-ons that most travelers now use. Should I have to pay $50 for this arbitrary rule?


Well, I suggest that my fellow travelers do what I did: ignore the message. Take your carry-ons with you no matter what the ticket or boarding pass says. I was let on the plane with no one mentioning the restriction. If the overhead bins are full the last people entering the plane are asked to leave their carry-on luggage on the boarding ramp and they are check through for free. As it turned out both of my bags fit under the seat.


So to my fellow passengers I say fly smart … and join FlyersRights.org!