On December 3, 2020 FlyersRights.org challenged the FAA’s ungrounding decision in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.   Flyers Rights Education Fund v. FAA , D.C. Cir 20-1486   (To view our FOIA Litigation, please visit this page.)   January 6, 2020 FAA’s Reply Brief Due   December 23, 2020 Emergency Motion… Read More

No Vax, No Fly Year End Review   Who would’ve thought airlines would be the biggest cheerleaders for the new COVID vaccine?   Yes, the aviation industry is pushing hardest for anything that will bring back customers and restore trust in flying.   Qantas got the ball rolling last month when its CEO declared airlines across the… Read More

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FlyersRights, Aviation Experts Cast Doubt on Safety of Boeing 737 MAX Ungrounding, Ask Court to Order Disclosure of Key Documents and Tests For more information, contact, Paul Hudson, President of FlyersRights.org, 800-662-1859, paul@flyersrights.org  or Joseph Sandler of Sandler Reiff Lamb Rosenstein and Birkenstock, Attorney for FlyersRights.org at 202-479-1111, sandler@sandlerreiff.com  Washington, D.C.- November… Read More

Flyers Rights Education Fund v. FAA (D.D.C CV-19-3749 (CKK))   To view our Ungrounding Lawsuit, please visit this page.   November 24, 2020 FlyersRights’ Motion For Summary Judgment Reply Brief Michael Neely Dr. Javier de Luis Paul Hudson   October 28, 2020 FlyersRights’ Motion for Summary Judgment Brief Michael Neely Richard Spinks Dr. Javier de… Read More

FlyersRights, as the designated representative of the flying public to the FAA on safety, has been working hard to ensure the Boeing 737 MAX is not ungrounded unless it is safe.  Toward that end we questioned Boeing on why it did NOT ground after the first crash in 2018, then publicly called for grounding shortly… Read More

Is the government doing enough to protect air travelers?    Excerpt: Paul Hudson, the president of FlyersRights.org, says the absence of clear regulation is part of a “nearly complete collapse of aviation consumer protection enforcement by the DOT.” He says that under the current administration, proposed rules are blocked and existing ones go unenforced. “Airline passenger… Read More

      Text Only: September 14, 2020   The Honorable Chairman Roger Wicker, MS Senate Commerce Committee   The Honorable Ranking Member Maria Cantwell, WA Senate Commerce Committee   The Honorable Chairman Peter DeFazio, OR-4 House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee   The Honorable Ranking Member Sam Graves, MO-6 House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee  … Read More