USAir Makes AA Merger Offer
Tuesday December 11, 2012
If you’d told us ten years ago that the only legacy carriers left standing would be United, US Airways and Delta, we’d tell you you were nuts!

Yet last Friday US Airways formally proposed a merger with American Airlines, with US Airways’ CEO, Doug Parker, running the combined company.

In a separate development, pilots at AA approved a new labor contract. That marks a key step in the company’s recovery and could give added momentum to a merger.

The merger proposal from US Airways would give creditors of AA 70 percent of the combined company. Analysts say the pilots’ vote gives AA creditors certainty about the company’s labor costs, making it easier for them to weigh which deal gives them more money: American on its own, or a merger with US Airways.

In a message to employees after the pilot vote, American CEO, Thomas Horton, said they were wrapping up work on whether to remain independent or merge with US Airways. 

AA filed for bankruptcy in November 2011. Read more here.

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