WHEREAS, the coronavirus has been spread by people who do not display any symptoms


WHEREAS, airline travel is one of the biggest vectors of the virus


WHEREAS, many states have issued stay at home orders banning non-essential travel and activities in order to stop the spread of the coronavirus


WHEREAS, states and the White House have recommended social distancing and other health precautions


WHEREAS, the Department of Transportation has not promulgated safety standards for airlines and airports during the coronavirus


WHEREAS, airlines have been reluctant and slow to implement safety measures during the coronavirus pandemic, such as as mask-wearing, social distancing, and temperature testing


WHEREAS, passengers, not the DOT or airlines, have assumed the responsibility of slowing the spread of the coronavirus 


WHEREAS, passengers have cancelled flights (1) to obey state and local stay at home orders or (2) to avoid travel when they are sick or are especially vulnerable to the virus due to age or medical condition


WHEREAS, passengers who have responsibly cancelled their flights have not been given full refunds, and instead have been issued travel vouchers with expiration dates


WHEREAS, passengers are in need of their money to fulfill their basic needs during the coronavirus pandemic


WHEREFORE, the undersigned hereby petition the Department of Transportation to order airlines to provide refunds to passengers who responsibly cancelled their flight in the name of public health, personal health, or obeying the law. 


Petition For Refunds For Passengers Who Helped Flatten the Curve

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