The market research institute Skytrax surveyed 18 million passengers from over 160 countries worldwide on their favorite airline.

US civil rights activist, Jesse Jackson, demonstrated in Chicago following the forcible expulsion of a passenger. Dr. David Dao, from a United Airlines aircraft in April, 2017.

And, once again, don’t expect US carriers to be anywhere near No. 1.

At the Paris Air Show on Tuesday the winners were announced, and passengers from across the globe chose Qatar Airlines a No. 1.

Qatar was followed by Singapore Airlines and ANA All Nippon Airways, then Emirates, Cathay Pacific, EVA Air, Lufthansa, Etihad Airways, Hainan Airlines and Garuda Indonesia.

The top domestic carrier was Delta Air Lines, which came in at No. 32, up three from 2016, followed by Alaska Airlines, which made the biggest jump year over year of any of the top 100 airlines, moving 24 spots from 60 to 36.

It bears repeating; the highest ranked US airline was Delta at 32nd – yes Delta.

Wow, this sort of thing should make Americans sit up and take notice.

We no longer set the bar.

We’re still waiting for anything to show Americans that their airlines are going to be great again – because they sure aren’t now.

An American Airlines employee was suspended after an altercation involving passengers and flight crew in April.

As President Trump would say, “SAD!”.