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Coalition for Airline Passengers’ Bill of Rights Applauds Congressman Mike Thompson for Introducing Bill that Would Give Airline Passengers Legal Rights

“We Applaud Congressman Thompson for Taking a Leadership Role in Protecting the Well-being of the Flying Public” – Kate Hanni.

Napa Valley, CA. (March 1, 2007) – The Coalition for Airline Passengers’ Bill of Rights issued the following statement from its spokesperson, Kate Hanni, on news that Congressman Mike Thompson (D-CA) today introduced the Airline Passengers Bill of Rights in the House of Representatives. The bill will give airline passengers legal rights by preventing them from being held indefinitely on planes, ensuring passengers’ needs are met, and helping airlines coordinate with government agencies.

“We applaud Congressman Thompson for introducing the Airline Passengers Bill of Rights in Congress to give passengers legal rights and ensure their well-being.

For far too long, the airlines have put profits ahead of customer service and the basic comfort of the flying public. It is our hope that this bill will give passengers a legal voice when confronted with the horrific ordeal we endured at the hands of American Airlines in Austin, TX and most recently passengers aboard jetBlue in New York City.

Our coalition continues to gather energy and momentum across the halls of Congress and throughout the country. We thank the tens of thousands of supporters that have joined our coalition, have written to their Members of Congress and continue to provide us the vigor and encouragement to move forward.

We encourage Members of Congress to join the efforts of Congressman Thompson, Congressman Oberstar, Senator Boxer and Senator Snowe to ensure the passage of a comprehensive, enforceable Airline Passengers’ Bill of Rights that would modernize and improve airline industry standards for customer service.”