Napa Valley, CA. (March 19, 2007) – The Coalition for Airline Passengers’ Bill of Rights” (PBOR) issued the following statement from its spokesperson Kate Hanni, urging Congress to make passengers’ rights a necessary part of FAA Reauthorization.
“As Congress looks to reauthorize FAA funding this year, they should be using this opportunity to ensure that airlines make passengers’ rights a necessary part of FAA reauthorization.

The airlines are currently trying to push through a proposal for FAA reauthorization that will award them big giveaway and reduce Congressional oversight over our air traffic control system.

Yet the incidents this weekend in which thousands of passengers were stranded once again prove that the airlines are unwilling and unable to police themselves and that the last thing that they need is to be rewarded by another tax break and less accountability to consumers and Congress.

To make matters worse, the proposal that the airlines are trying to push through Congress would slash funds by $600 million, jeopardizing efforts to modernize our air traffic control system so that we can keep passengers flying safely and efficiently.

As Congress moves forward with FAA reauthorization, we need to ensure that our air traffic control system is modernized with full and adequate funding, and that passengers are guaranteed basic rights so we prevent horrific stories like this one from happening once and for all.”

Contact: Gil Meneses – 202-445-1570