Airlines Point the Finger on Others to Cover Up for their Own Mistakes While Lobbying Congress for a One Billion Dollar Tax Break – – Enough is Enough ! It’s Time for Congress to Step in and Safeguard the Flying Public by Passing an ‘Airline Passengers’ Bill of Rights – Kate Hanni, PBOR Spokesperson

Napa Valley, CA. (March 19, 2007) – The Coalition for “Airline Passengers’ Bill of Rights” (PBOR) issued the following statement from its spokesperson, Kate Hanni, on reports that thousands of passengers were stranded aboard airplanes at several airports this weekend. Passengers reported being trapped in airplanes against their will for more than 10 hours, some exceeding 14 to 15 hours in certain airports. Reports also point to inadequate staffing by the airlines for some of the problems that contributed to the massive delays.

“We are outraged by weekend reports that the lives of hundreds of thousands of passengers were turned upside down because of the airlines’ outright failure to provide a very basic level of customer service to the flying public.

Meanwhile, the airlines continue to point fingers — airports blame the airlines for the failure to have enough deicing fluid — the airlines blame the airports for no gates available. The finger keeps getting passed around, while passengers out on the tarmac remain in the freezing conditions for 14 hours. The question is: Who’s looking out for the flying public ?

We have had enough excuses; no more ‘mea-culpas’ by airline CEOs on national television. Airlines point the finger at others to cover up their own mistakes, while lobbying Congress for a huge tax break. Legislation is the only way to solve these strandings and the time to do so is now.”

Contact: Gil Meneses – 202-445.1570