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Flyers Rights President Paul Hudson appeared on Democracy Now on June 7, 2017. He discussed Flyers Rights’ opposition to both the Trump and Shuster plans to privatize air traffic control. Paul Hudson noted that these plans were problematic for the following reasons:

  • Valuable, public ATC assets would be transferred to a corporation at no cost
  • NextGen, the FAA’s modernization project, is closer to implementation than any proposed plan
  • There would be little to no passenger representation in the new corporation when passengers will be the ones funding ATC through additional fees
  • Airlines, the biggest supporters of the plans (with the notable exception of Delta Airlines), would dominate the new corporation to the detriment of passengers and the general aviation community
  • There is no limit on executive compensation
  • Congress would have very little oversight over the corporation
  • ATC Privatization does not have a track record of succeeding in a country with nearly as much air traffic as the United States