Let There Be Flight

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Flights returned to normal this week after public anger hit such a fervor that Congress overwhelmingly approved legislation Friday to allow the FAA to withdraw the furloughs.

“Furloughs ended swiftly within one week,” said Paul Hudson, President of FlyersRights. “Congress
contemplated facing angry constituents while being delayed and stranded
in airports as they commute weekly to and from their home districts.”

the furlough fix robbed Peter (airport maintenance and improvement
accounts) to pay Paul (air traffic controllers),” he said.

comprehensive resolution is in sight to the other aspects of the
long-running federal budget dispute. Expect other sequestration cuts to
continue into FY 2014.

Backlash in action, folks. From your frustrated tears to government’s ears!
IATA’s Resolution 787: How it Will Change the Way Airline Reservations are Made
Frequent Fliers, Prepare to Pay More 

An airline trade
association has quietly submitted for approval to the DOT a new
anti-competitive and anti-consumer ticket pricing system.

Unless blocked this
proposal could end the era of transparent airline ticket pricing and
make consumer ability to compare ticket prices on websites a thing of
the past.

A new entity known as
the Passenger Distribution Management Group would quote all airfares,
instead of individual airlines, and require consumers to provide
personal information before fares are quoted that “includes
but is not limited to” the customer’s name, age, marital status,
nationality, contact details, frequent flyer numbers (on all carriers),
prior shopping, purchase and travel history and whether the purpose of
the trip is business or leisure.

Paul Hudson, President of
noted, “This outrageous plan is akin to consumers in a drug store
having their wallets and bodies scanned in the checkout line to
determine how wealthy and sick they are before being told how much their
medicine will cost.  In the age of super computers, corporate entities
can, without government regulation, demolish fixed pricing and make many
essential consumer transactions a one sided, customized take it or
leave it proposition where the consumer is at a complete disadvantage.
The required consumer information would also be another assault on
personal privacy, subject to all sorts of abuse.” is calling on the U.S. Departments of Justice and Transportation to block this anti-consumer and anti-competitive pricing scheme by airlines, who are acting collectively under the supposed cover of their trade association. 

Boeing’s Dreamliner, Still Dreaming On
NTSB press conference photo of burned battery from JAL 787
Boeing’s spin machine seems to be going flat out to distract attention from the woes of the grounded 787 Dreamliner.
Its lithium-ion batteries have come under a harsh spotlight as a pair of battery-related fires have resulted in the grounding of fleets across the globe.

Yet while investigators said last week that they have not found any factory-level problems with the Japanese-built batteries, FlyersRights believes that there is a more fundamental issue in play.

“The Boeing 787 Dreamliner has had a close encounter with nightmare maker Freddy Krueger, as its batteries have spontaneously overheated and burned on several occasions.” said Paul Hudson, President of FlyersRights.

FAA on April 19th approved Boeing’s band-aid fix to its fire prone
lithium ion batteries so the 787 may fly again soon.  However, the FAA
is reviewing its certification allowing it to fly up to 3 hours from the
nearest airport.  Some outside experts still question the 787’s safety
to fly without a much safer battery pack.   

DOT Secretary Ray LaHood has said the Boeing 787 would not fly again until he was convinced it was “1,000 percent safe.”  

Yet as long as they do not find the cause of these battery problems the 787 will not be 100% safe. 
FlyersRights, after
consulting with a host of aviation safety and battery experts, will
request the DOT/FAA delay allowing the 787 to fly trans-Pacific or over
the North Pole until the National Transportation Safety Board
(NTSB) issues its findings and recommendations on the recent battery
fire accidents that caused the 787 to be grounded since January.   

also strongly recommends a public comment period with a public hearing
that includes outside experts (not just government and Boeing experts)
before certifying the maximum range for the troubled twin-engine

FlyersRights Says “No!” to Suspending Tarmac-Delay Rules

Last week we sounded the alarm, and you responded.
Hundreds of FlyersRights members filed comments with DOT regarding the brazen request by Airlines for America (A4A) and the Regional Airline Assn. (RAA) for temporary exemption to the 3-Hour Tarmac Delay rule.  
The official response from FlyersRights President, Paul Hudson was “No exemptions” in the strongest terms.
The U.S. Department of Transportation is
 currently reviewing the motion.

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Final Word 
Paul Hudson, President
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Kate Hanni, Founding Member
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