Help Us Launch the Flyers Rights Education Fund

The Flyers Rights Education Fund is the education and service arm of our organization. Approved by the IRS in June, 2011, the Fund gives you a way to contribute to our airline passenger rights efforts through a tax-deductible vehicle. We now support many of our efforts through The Fund:

· Our free, 24/7 Hotline

· Mass mailings unrelated to political action requests

· Press releases related to educational efforts on behalf of airline passenger rights

Now we have an exciting new way for you to leverage your tax-deductible contributions to the Fund. Paul Hudson, a member of our Board of Directors and Executive Director of the Aviation Consumer Action Project (ACAP), has pooled his personal resources with those of ACAP and friends of our longtime supporter, Ralph Nader, to pledge a matching-gift contribution of $15,000 to Flyers Rights Education Fund.

Paul’s generous pledge gives you an opportunity to truly leverage your contributions to the Fund. His coalition will match, dollar for dollar, your donations to the Flyers Rights Education Fund, up to the $15,000 pledge!

But you must act now! We must achieve this goal by the end of the year. Please go to the Flyers Rights Education Fund donation page now and give what you can. The coalition’s generous offer expires at midnight, December 31, 2011. We must answer the coalition’s challenge and meet their contribution goal by the end of the year.

Remember, each and every dollar you contribute during this short window will have a double impact on advancing the cause of airline passenger rights.

Help us stay in the fight! Kate’s remarkable responses to Snowtober, in so many national forums, would not have been possible without your generous support. You know that her family can no longer subsidize the effort—without your help, the premier voice of airline passenger rights in America will be stilled.