Post Holiday Winter Storm Air Travel Advice from
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Napa, CA Dec. 26th 2011: Air Travelers along the east coast awoke to a Post Holiday Winter Wonderland; or Winter Travel Nightmare depending on their plans. encourages travelers to “re-accommodate” their flights with the airlines and if they need any assistance or run in to “roadblocks” to call at 1-877-359-3776 for toll free, entirely free help.

“FlyersRights advice is if you can avoid travel today, please stay safely home and re-schedule your flights or ground travel” said Kate Hanni Executive Director “The airlines are cancelling flights because it’s unsafe to fly, but driving in winter storm conditions is even less safe…so stay put if you can.”
Following are updates from several major carriers as to their handling of air travel for the next few days:

• Delta Air Lines says it’s canceled about 850 flights today, including regional fights, because of the winter storm moving up the East Coast. A spokesman says it represents about a sixth of the airline’s daily total. He says the cancelations are “concentrated from the Carolinas through New York.”

• American Airlines says flights through Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia will probably be canceled after 2 or 3 p.m. today, with late starts expected tomorrow morning.

• Continental Airlines has canceled 250 departures from Newark Liberty International Airport outside New York City. United Airlines canceled dozens of departures today from New York, Philadelphia, Boston and other cities.

• AirTran and Southwest Airlines also canceled flights, mostly in or out of Washington Dulles, Baltimore and Newark.

Most carriers are waiving the fees they normally charge for one-time changes in affected areas. They’re urging passengers to make changes through their websites. See below for links to air carriers re-accomodation procedures.