August 16, 2007

To the Honorable Proper name here

U.S. House of Representatives


U.S. Senate

Washington, D.C.

Dear Representative or Senator name:

I am a member of the Coalition for an Airline Passengers’ Bill of Rights and your loyal constituent. I am cordially inviting you to attend a simulation of the experiences that people like me and tens of thousands of American passengers have endured at the hands of commercial airlines.

If you have ever wanted to see first-hand what being trapped in an aircraft for 8 to 14 hours against your will is like – then please join our organization for this important event. The Coalition for an Airline Passenger’s Bill of Rights is holding a Strand-In on the National Mall between 12th and 13th Streets on September 19th. Look for the Flyers Rights airplane on the mall. Coalition members from around the country, students, and members of Congress who support the need for Congressional action on behalf of airline passengers are gathering to make their voices heard in regard to the continuing inhuman treatment of airline passengers.

The purpose of the Strand-In is to convince Congress that the FAA Reauthorization Bills (H.R. 2881 and S. 1300) must require airlines to establish a maximum tarmac delay period and to have the U.S. Secretary of Transportation enforce them. According to the Department of Transportation, the contingency plans currently offered by the airlines are not enforceable.

I am only asking for you to attend for a few minutes to demonstrate your support. If you cannot make it, I would appreciate you sending a staff member.

Our organization expects a large national media presence for this event. Speeches will be from noon to 1:00 pm. If you wish to make any formal remarks, please let the Coalition know in advance (see contact information below). We anticipate a full flight – so reserve your seat soon!

I promise you won’t be bumped.


Your name and your address

Member of the Coalition for an Airline Passengers’ Bill of Rights

Getting there: Use the Smithsonian Metro Station – exit at 12th and Jefferson. Very limited parking is available on Jefferson and in general area. Use mass transit or taxi.

For more information about the Strand-In, up-to-date information (copies of Coalition materials, etc.), please visit or contact:

Kate Hanni

(707) 337-0328, or