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Help Wanted 

October 27, 2015

Today we’re asking for you to consider becoming a volunteer. Why?

To be truly effective, FlyersRights needs to beef up its personnel, membership and finances by a factor of 10.

Here are some descriptions of positions open:

Policy and political science researchers
Media and newsletter writers
Membership and fund raising
Aviation safety
Travel and aviation insurance experts, analysts or agents
Aircraft management sales and maintenance
Airline and airport management
Air traffic control
Nonprofit accounting and tax law
Antitrust law and regulation

Make a meaningful difference by stepping forward and helping make a positive change for airline passengers. Please contact Paul Hudson, president, at You’ll be happy you did.

We look forward to working with you.

News of the week!
AA Imitates Delta With Economy Minus-Class, To Compete Against Spirit
Get ready for more passengers losing their cool with American Airlines’ new bare-bones ‘cattle-minus’ class. The more passengers are treated like livestock, the more onboard incidents are going to happen.
Keep in mind, these discount fares are rarely cheaper when fees are added in. Hopefully, AA won’t be copying Spirit’s unreliability and capricious service too.
Hillary Clinton Says US Airlines Are Price Gouging
In a possible attempt to sway Bernie Sanders supporters, Clinton wrote in a column last week that capitalism isn’t working and cited examples: pharmaceutical companies raising prices by 5,000% overnight, high-speed broadband pricing that is far higher in the US than elsewhere, and airline fares that have not fallen despite oil price declines.

As FlyersRights has said, the airlines have no excuse for consolidation anymore. They continue their straw man argument with the: “historical air fare relative to inflation” statement. It ignores technology advances and the fact that customers today are getting less and less when they buy a ticket. It’s a market failure, helped in large part by the Department of Justice allowing consolidation. 
What’s In Your Boarding Pass Barcode? A Lot!
We assumed the worst, but did not know this much info was contained in a boarding pass. Perhaps more concerning is the pre-check indicator is also included in the barcode unencryption and could easily be manipulated to bypass more stringent security.


This is stunning and a cautionary tale for travelers – don’t just toss your boarding pass into the trash!

This little paper contains many of your personal details embedded in the innocuous-looking barcode, as well as a vast dossier of information about your travel plans and habits.

The boarding pass barcode reveals your name, frequent flyer number and other personally identifiable information. So, after a trip, collect all your boarding passes and shred them. 
(To learn what’s in your boarding pass barcode, take a picture of it with your phone, and upload it tothis barcode reader.)

The Mini-Tray!

In addition to much thinner seats, four major low cost US airlines now sport a mini tray table, that you can pay for!

Apparently the tray needs to be that small to make room for your knees.

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