Putting the Integrity, Dignity and Wellbeing back in Flying

New York, NY – Today Kate Hanni, founder of the Coalition for an Airline Passengers’ Bill of Rights, made the following statement; “We advocate putting the integrity, dignity and wellbeing back in air travel. And to do this we are introducing our four point plan:

· We will be manning a 24/7 toll-free hotline (1-877-FLYERS6) to provide a free service offering hotel, flight status and alternatives, car rental and weather information (among other things) for stranded travelers.
· Our website is being upgraded to allow consumers to post their airline service issues along with airline responses where applicable.
· Coalition members will positioned in major airports during the holidays to distribute Coalition brochures that contain useful information for passengers experiencing extended delays, bumpings, and other airline related problems.
· Tis the holiday season, and what would the holidays be without presents? The Coalition is offering a Christmas Prize Stocking Stuffer of Cold Hard Cash for the Best, most dramatic Stranding Video. Video’s must be turned in by January 5th, First Prize will be for the best, most dramatic video and will fetch $500.00 cash prize…not flight vouchers. Second prize will be $250.00 cash prize…third prize will be $100.00 and the contest ends January 5th 2008.
· Anonymous Tip Line for Employees of Airlines who are have any concerns for Passenger Safety, Security, Deceptive or unfair management practices, baggage issues, anything they’d like to report. Simply call our hotline with a blocked caller ID and tell us our story!

Coalition for an Airline Passengers’ Bill of Rights has 21,000 members and has been in force since Feb. 10, 2007. or 1-877-FLYERS6 for our full time manned hotline beginning the day before Thanksgiving. Kate Hanni is the Founder she may be reached by cell phone at (707) 337-0328. USPIRG, Public Citizen, ACAP, Public Interest Research Group all support the Airline Passengers’ Bill of Rights.

Services Offered on our hotline:

Give information in real time internet sources (for example weather) and reasonably predict your flight options
We will e-mail your family or business associates and let them know where you are
Turn off your cell phone and conserve energy
3 hours is the time at which we call media, period. They decide if it’s news.
Rental car information
Hotel information
Get media to your airport if you are stuck on the tarmac
Give you straight answers on Chronically Delayed Flights
Advice on how to get a refund
Make sure if you go to get a refund that your incident is coded correctly
We will document with all issues: baggage – frequent flyer miles – ground stops- delays – strandings –